Our staff of over 500,002 employees work hard to make sure that your Abbigail Honey experience is perfect.


Yes, there are over 500,000 worker bees plus Abbie and me!

Abbigail and I want you to experience the same delights that we have in watching our hives grow into maturity.

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Master Beekeeper

A veteran of Canada’s military with 33 + years of service, I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2009, a diagnosis that was to radically change my life forever. Treatment started shortly after my diagnosis and lasted over 6 years, during which I rediscovered my inner self and who I am as a human being. Many things have changed in my life since then, all for the good and all have contributed to the peace I now feel with myself.

As my successful treatment evolved through the various stages of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, I became increasingly aware that I was learning a new sense of self, one that differed drastically from what I had known over the past 33 years. Everything I knew and held as part of the old me was being replaced by this new person who had drastically different views and interests, and as such, it became apparent to me that I needed a new hobby to challenge myself. After months of searching for something that matched my new life, and after meeting some amazing beekeepers, I decided to take the plunge and procured my first hive. The rest is an amazing journey into an even more amazing lifestyle. Beekeeping should never be confused with a hobby, as I quickly found out.

Bees have become the true barometer of my inner self, and are quick to remind me of when I am troubled or at peace with myself. Loosely translated, if I am working with bees when something is troubling me, I am reminded of the fact through their stinging. Ironically enough, the stings have lessened in frequency and strength, and I consider the bees to be my true therapists as I continue to rediscover personality traits and qualities that were masked by my illness.  The journey has been long, but rewarding, and I truly believe that given the opportunity, you can experience the same Zen-like experience that beekeeping has given me.

Between working with bees and watching my assistant, Abbigail, grow with the hives, I have learned that what is important in life is not always what we see in front of us. Rather it is that inner peace and sense of self worth that we all have, either on the surface or hidden away. Like a broken bone, I will always carry the scars of PTSD as part of me, however, thanks to the constant input from our barometric bees, I have learned to cope and lead a productive life.

I wanted to share this amazing experience and so Adopt-A-Hive was born.



Worker Bee forages day and night to make sure that Abbigail Honey produces tasty, nutritious honey. As part of a team of 500,000 bees, she helps educate adoptive hive parents and families on the benefits of sustainable agriculture and safe bee practices. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with our staff get in touch with us today.



Grampy's Chief Assistant

Abbigail, the company's namesake, has been a part of Abbigail Honey since the very start, taking care of the bees and providing Grampy with the extra bit of real. The centre of what's important in life. An incredibly bright young lady, Abbigail has true concern over "her" bees, and can be counted on to shed the real insight into colony life.