Interested in honey bees?

Want fresh honey right from your back yard?

Rent an urban beehive from Abbigail Honey!


There are plenty of bees buzzing and honey flowing at Abbigail Honey. We have a deep respect for nature’s ways, which is why all of our hives are farmed locally and responsibly. We only use bee-friendly products so you can be sure the bees at Abbigail Honey are our top priority.  Our honey is 100 percent local, raw and made from the flowers in your community. Rent your own fully maintained hive and enjoy a share of the pure honey harvest in the fall!

Why adopt?

Learn about the exciting world of bees through your very own rented (adopted) backyard hive. We will bring a fully managed hive to your backyard with written landowner permission and you get to watch the colony's development and social structure.

Full service:

  • We maintain the hive and perform required maintenance

  • We supply everything from hive equipment to the bees

  • Enjoy the benefits of a colony of pollinators in your gardens and flower beds and get a share of the pure Nova Scotia honey harvest in the fall

See our affordable packages below.

Save 15 percent off the total cost when you pay in full for either package below. Payment is due upon approval of adoption application.

One fully maintained bee hive and colony delivered to your property within the boundaries of Halifax Regional Municipality (with written landowner permission).  You keep 20 percent of the pure raw honey produced by that bee hive in the year of rental. Harvest takes place annually in the fall.


Contact us for rates and ask about our 10 payment plan. Contract renewable yearly.

Premium Package