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Treating Mites With Oxalic Acid Vaporization

With the warmer temperatures now arriving, we are getting many queries about mite treatments and when is the best time. Several have been from new Keeps concerning the use of Oxalic Acid so here is some information on the process. The most important consideration to using Oxalic Vapor is remembering it only has an effect on exposed mites, which means that those mites on brood are not affected. When should I use Oxalic Acid Vaporization? There are many variables in this question and certainly a keeps choice. Generally, it gets applied prior to winter, after a swarm has been hived and is producing eggs, with package bees once eggs are observed, during a mite spike and in the source hive of

The Monthly Task List for Beginner Keeps

I created this list of things to try and do to help those of you who may not have a mentor. It is derived from experience and study and I hope it helps! Abbigail Honey BEE ANNUAL TO DO LIST Canada Growing Zone 5 January - The Bees zzzzzzzzzzzzz Eating honey Shivering for heat Clustered Cleansing flights if it is warm enough December and January - The BeeKeeper Building Hives, taking courses, keeping the faith, Order for next year Nuc and or packages Check hive weight on warm days Sneak fondant patty in on top of inner cover without blocking vent hole February - the Bees Honey consumption spikes as thermogenesis is turned up for the February cold Egg laying may start February - the BeeKeeper

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