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It's Almost Spring

Well the spring is quickly approaching and all those little beekeeper winter tasks and jobs that I put off until the shop was warmer are now on the critical list. I do this every year and every year I say that's not going to be happening again and well, here we are :) It must be a beekeeper thing as many of the other "keeps" I know are in the same position as me, scrambling to get the hives ready for the spring flow.

The good news is that all our hives have survived the winter, some stronger than others but alive just the same. Our temps have been all -5c to -10c nightly so I have yet to remove the hive wraps. Hopefully next week will give a warmer nighttime temp so we can unwrap hives.

New to our company this year is the responsibility we have accepted in agreeing to provide a series of educational workshops on beekeeping to the kids of the Family SOS program of Halifax / Dartmouth NS. Not only will we be providing the program, we will also be helping them manage their own hives as part of the program. There will be pictures to follow from this initiative.

Well its time to get back to the shop and "the list". Remember we are the only company in Halifax Regional that provides honeybee hive rentals to residential clients. Contact us for more information at


Crossed off the list - tidy up storage of existing hive boxes, and inventory complete.



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