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Beekeeping can be complex at times, especially for the beginner!  Gaining expertise, juggling local weather patterns with often tight timelines for hive treatments, trying to maximize colony strength for honey production and the looming winter are just some of the pressures placed on the beekeeper.

Honeybee health is a closely managed and balanced act of combining human interaction with Mother Nature.  If we are to ensure honeybee health and maximize the apiary’s gain, beekeepers must have a reliable source of knowledge covering the science of beekeeping and the constant evolution of nature.

A well thought out and detailed Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) that takes the holistic approach to preserving your colony’s health cannot be understated. 

That's where we come in....we will help you develop a multi-season IPM designed with a focus on the multitude of diseases, pests, and threats common in your area, a plan that includes cultural, mechanical, chemical, organic and synthetic treatment options -in both the Prophylactic and treatment regimes.


Our IPM plans focus on pest prevention, identification, population and when required, treatment. 


Recognizing that IPM plans should be focused on assisting the colony in keeping the pest population to a manageable level and that treatment is seen as a last resort, we provide a blended approach to all the components including:

 - matching management techniques to location,

 - beekeeper preferences and purpose

 - Treatment options including cultural practices, mechanical practices, and organic or synthetic compounds.


Treatment options are based on the IPM triangle that references effectiveness compared to risk and lethality of treatment to pest population and possible side-effects to your honeybee population.

Contact us for more information and to book a consult!

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