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A long pencil shaped swarm of bees  mid june
Beekeeping Consulting // 01

Looking to establish your first colony or perhaps expand your Apiary?
We provide the following On-Site or Virtual services:
 - Picking a hive location
 - Helping set-up your woodenware
 - Installing your bees (packages, nucs, splits)
 - Guided mentoring for hive inspections
 - Problem solving, colony health reports
 - Hive splitting techniques
 - Personalized Integrated Pest Management  P
 - Pest identification and treatments
 - Combining hives
 - Fall and Winter Apiary Management 
 - Winterizing
 - Spring Opening
 - Over Winter Dead-out Autopsies
 - Bee Feeds and Supplements

nosema spores under microscope
Personalized Integrated Pest Management Programs // 02
Integrated pest management (IPM) takes a holistic approach to honeybee pest and disease management using multiple techniques and management strategies that are tailored to the environmental and geographical needs of the hive location, all designed to reduce pests and diseases to a manageable level.  Prevention before treatment is key to successful IPM plans.  IPM plans are very specific to your hives and your focus in beekeeping, and as such, the one size fits all does not apply to IPM planning.
For more information on creating an IPM plan for your apiary, we are ready to assist!
sambro cutout comb2.jpg
Educational Products and Training // 03
We are an industry leader in Beekeeping Education programs and provide a  wide range of courses and seminars that help our students thrive and grow their apiaries.
We know that sometimes things can get challenging and schedules get hectic so all of our programs are offered virtually or in-person and are designed to take the beekeeper from a beginner level through their first year of beekeeping to more advanced practices.
Our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to be an effective and productive beekeeper, and most importantly, to protect your investment - your bees!
Hives ready to have honey harvested
On Site Troubleshooting and Colony Analysis // 04


Learning beekeeping in the classroom and practicing beekeeping in the field can be very different and intimidating experiences.  We are here to help you find the path to success with your colony through our on-site troubleshooting and colony analysis process.  
 - Haven't seen the queen in some time?
 - Worried about swarms?
 - Not sure what your varroa count is?
 - Why are the bees getting aggressive?
 - Is my colony too weak?
 - Is my hive over-heating?
 - What about American foulbrood disease?
 - Should I feed my hive?
 - Do I have a laying worker?
 - Is my hive in the right place?
 - What is that odor?
 - When and how do I winterize?
For help with these questions and more, book a consult with us.

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