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Integrated Pest Management Plans Limited Time Offer



Book an IPM consult to be conducted in the 2022 spring growing season and receive 15% off the total cost.

Offer expires 1 pm, 24 December 2021

Apiaries and Pests in Nova Scotia

Managing pests to improve colony strength is key to successful beekeeping in the Maritimes. Our Integrated Pest Management plans focus on the challenges to maintaining a healthy hive by identifying pest populations and other issues negatively impacting colony strength and wellness and providing recommended solutions across the spectrum of IPM strategies.

We build you an apiary specific IPM plan that incorporates aspects of standard IPM practices across cultural, physical, biological, and chemical measures to manage pest population, all of which is tailored to your preferences and designed to foster health and wellness in your colony.

Ultimately the IPM plan when followed as outlined, is expected to produce outcomes of:

1. Elimination / Mitigation / Management of significant threats to the health and welfare of the colony caused by pests and diseases,

2. Prevention of loss or damage to hive components and bees, and

3. Introduce environmentally sound farming practices.

Success begins with knowledge – Helping Beekeepers help their bees is what we provide!

Offer is valid for apiaries that are within the geographical boundaries of Halifax Regional Municipality. Additional charges may apply based on distance travelled.

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